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Shatterland is an online multiplayer game in which players take different roles, each with their own gameplay, but all co-existing in a world that responds and changes dynamically according to every player’s actions.

Discover and exploit asteroids as a Colonizer, fight monsters and other players as a Merc, build advanced and automated outposts as a Specialist, or take control of a fleet and trade for riches while you fend off space pirates as a Merch. Build uneasy alliances with fellow players to chart the Shatterlands together and become the stuff of legends.

What we did

We are creating Shatterland from the ground up, coming up with the game’s idea, design, lore, and are currently in the process of building it in collaboration with partners, spearheading development using Unity to bring a multiplayer experience of epic proportions to PCs in 2024.

Technology: Unity

Scope: Game Design & Concept | Development.

Game Studio - XR
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