IoT technologies to control safety in construction sites.


Seglico is a system that helps improve occupational safety, that we have developed for our client in Uruguay. It includes the integration of IoT technologies that allow controlling the compliance of security in construction works.This project received support from ANII (Uruguayan government innovation agency) and Startup Chile.

What we did

The challenge

Through the integration of Beacon, the system allows controlling the usage of personal protection elements. The beacons are installed on the items (helmet, harness, etc.), and when the standards established in the application are not met, an alarm is activated to alert the system.

The solutionIt is a platform to manage security in the industry, being of particular help to the prevention. It's thought for companies or independent preventionists. It can be used by the independent preventionists who are hired by the companies, both construction companies or other industries, and to be handy for a company that has several works, employees, and subcontracts, to administer everything related to the prevention of occupational accidents internally.

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