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Masterson is a security company that operates remotely and offers video surveillance and concierge operations in a personalized way for each client.

The Masterson operations and call center attend to all events or incidents related to the security and access control service. The status of cameras is managed remotely, and locks are monitored to detect irregularities and act accordingly.

What we did

To improve the performance and quality of service and operations, Masterson decided to unify protocols and activities on a single platform to automate surveillance, access control, and incident operations. Complementing the original solution was developed a mobile application that, among other features, alerts when the doorbell rings and shows a live video of the door to users, which can grant access from the application itself.

Kreitech was in charge of developing the entire solution (web and mobile).

Technology: Asterisk | React | React Native | Node.Js | SIP Call

Scope: Backend | Frontend | Mobile | Testing | UX/UI Design | Project Management

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