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Dronfies, a company specializing in software and technology development for drones, boasts a team of six partners. They approached us to address issues with a device they had developed. As experienced hardware developers, our task was to troubleshoot tricky issues with their initial prototype and implement overall improvements to enhance its functionality.

What we did

Upon receiving access to their board and a detailed list of issues, we conducted a thorough analysis of the design. Working closely with their developers, we collaborated to identify and address all problems, providing suggestions for corrections along the way. Kreitech staff conducted measurements and comprehensive testing to ensure the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. After testing all corrections, we successfully produced a new version of the device, now known as CIELUM Key, marking a significant milestone towards its pre-industrial release.

Scope: Electronics and hardware Development | Prototype Improvement
Internet of things
June 4, 2024
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