The New World of Work: How to Evaluate Performance in Hybrid Work

The New World of Work: How to Evaluate Performance in Hybrid Work

The concept of hybrid work, a blend of in-person and remote work, has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. At Kreitech, after a decade of experience in software development, we've navigated the ups and downs of hybrid work in various contexts. Initially, we adapted to meet the needs of our US-based clients, collaborating seamlessly with teams across continents. We found success in this endeavor.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a new era. Instead of adapting to client demands, we had to learn how to manage our in-house team remotely. This period taught us valuable lessons about what should and shouldn't be done in remote work settings.

As the world gradually returned to normality, we realized that work had transformed significantly. We made a strategic decision to retain the best aspects of both worlds, but this shift came with its own set of challenges. One of these challenges led us to the topic we're discussing today: how to evaluate performance in a hybrid work environment.

After extensive trial and error, we've developed a framework that both managers and employees can use to navigate performance evaluation in the hybrid work landscape. We believe that sharing our journey and insights can be beneficial to others facing similar challenges.

Key Considerations for Evaluating Performance in Hybrid Work:

Define Clear Objectives

Set and communicate measurable objectives for each project, ensuring clarity in responsibilities across design, development, and QA teams.

Leverage Agile Metrics

Utilize Agile metrics to gain insights into progress and identify areas for improvement, enhancing both individual and team performance.

Foster Peer Reviews

Encourage constructive peer feedback, providing valuable insights and fostering a culture of continuous growth.

Promote Self-Assessment

Encourage team members to reflect on their achievements and challenges, fostering accountability and learning.

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Utilize client feedback to assess the quality of deliverables and communication, ensuring we meet and exceed expectations.

Focus on Outcomes

Shift from monitoring activities to evaluating the impact of delivered work, focusing on results rather than time spent.

Open Communication

Foster an environment of open dialogue, facilitating early identification of issues and collaborative problem-solving.

Continuous Learning

Identify skill development opportunities and provide learning resources, contributing to individual growth and team success.


Balanced performance evaluation is key to unlocking the potential of hybrid teams. By focusing on clear objectives and results, and fostering a culture of feedback and learning, we can support non-intrusive growth for both the team and individuals. It's important to choose the right tools to facilitate this process effectively.

At Kreitech, we continue our journey of continuous learning, recognizing that there's always more to discover. We welcome you to share your experiences with us or reach out if you're seeking advice or a skilled team to collaborate with in this evolving work landscape.

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