All You Need to Know about Staff Augmentation

 All You Need to Know about Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a business strategy that can boost your teams to new levels. It helps your team fill the need for special skills in a project, manage it, or add workforce in times of high demand. It also works when you need to scale up quickly. Basically, it is the use of outside workers to augment your organization's capacity.

How does it work?

By partnering with a provider like Kreitech, you can get access to a pool of talented professionals ready to help you achieve your goals. Whenever you find a skill gap or the necessity to increase your team output, Staff Augmentation allows you to increase productivity in order to meet your needs. The person or people who join the team will follow the project's lines of work and management style and will settle into the work culture. Staff Augmentation is as flexible as you desire, and it's not limited to just one person; it may be an entire team, allowing you to address your needs in the best possible way.

What is the most common type of staff augmentation?

There are several cases in which turning to staff augmentation can be beneficial for a project or team. The most common needs arise when:

  • Due to the nature of the business, it is crucial to increase time to market or when there is a new trend, and rising the team's capabilities is a must.
  • The team lacks a specific skill for a particular task, or no one possesses the knowledge to perform it correctly.
  • There are periods of high workload, making it challenging to handle everything internally.
  • There is a need to continue with a task while searching for a suitable candidate to fill a position

What are its benefits?

Staff Augmentation is a strategy with many advantages that are evident in everyday operations but also impact business strategy, as it involves more than just addressing a specific need.

From a strategic standpoint, hiring through staff augmentation provides an advantage when considering the organization's workforce, as it can serve as a buffer during challenging times when the team can be downsized without resorting to layoffs. It also allows for the availability of additional personnel during times of high demand.

Moreover, in today's globalized world, it is advantage not to be limited to seeking talent in the organization's surroundings, which is often scarce. Staff Augmentation enables the expansion of the talent pool globally, making it possible to obtain more skilled personnel at a different cost than local resources.

If we think about it from an operational point of view, Staff Augmentation saves the tricky process of candidate selection and recruitment, especially in a competitive environment like software development.

Also, the person who joins the existing team will bring their previous experiences, allowing for fast integration and providing a fresh perspective on the matter.

What Kreitech Brings to the table:

Kreitech has 10 years of experience providing Staff Augmentation services. In that time, we have learned what clients need and the best way to meet their needs through collaborative work.

We are providers of Front and Back end Developers in various technologies, testers, UX/UI designers, Project Managers, and web3. And the best part is, we are all in the same time zone as the US and fluent in English.

Whether you need a single person or an entire development team, we will meet your needs and take your project to the next level.


Often, projects require specific knowledge at certain moments or technologies. In such cases, nothing beats Staff Augmentation to enhance teams. Partnering with Kreitech will get you access to talented professionals in various roles. With 10 years of experience, we understand clients' needs, and we offer flexibility and scalability so you can move on.
Focus on your product, we are here to make your life easier.

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